Project Update

Maritime Memories of Staten Island

Bob Wright | January 19, 2017

Heavy metal, rusty, ungainly, and seized up tight. A quick glance said it would probably stay that way. But when my Uncle George pulled an old chum grinder from the depths of the garage I was helping him clean out and asked me, half jokingly, if I wanted it I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I was astounded. I could not believe he had a piece, any piece, of my Uncle Bill’s legendary (in family lore anyway) boat The Amigos. As a kid, every Sunday afternoon was spent at my grandparent’s house mostly listening to my father and his four brothers joke, reminisce, and invariably tell some story about their many travels on The Amigos before WWII swept it, and the freedom (and fuel) to sail her, away.

Project Update

Updates from Behind the Fence

Ben Margolis | January 13, 2017


Letter to Mayor de Blasio to Improve Public Spaces for Civic Engagement

Susan Chin | January 11, 2017

Project Update

Staten Islanders Brainstorm To Enhance the Waterfront

Joseph Huennekens | January 5, 2017


We're Fired Up to Do Much More!

Susan Chin | November 11, 2016


Join Cindy Allen & Susan Chin @ the 2016 Benefit

Susan Chin | October 28, 2016


Win an Artistic Tour of the Gowanus Canal

Susan Chin | October 27, 2016


Win Special Edition Photographs

Susan Chin | October 26, 2016


Win Special Design Pieces

Susan Chin | October 17, 2016


Bid Early for a Private Studio Tour with Michele Oka Doner (and more Art + Design Pieces & Experiences)

Susan Chin | October 12, 2016


Win a Private Tour of Pioneer Works with Dustin Yellin

Susan Chin | October 10, 2016


Win a Pamela Talese Painting of a Long-Gone LIC

Susan Chin | October 9, 2016


Reenvisioning Spaces Below Elevated Subway Lines, Highways, and Bridges

Ozgur Gungor | September 16, 2016


The True Value of NYC's Garment District

Ozgur Gungor | September 7, 2016

Program Update

Lessons of Waterfront Resiliency

Maggie Berke | August 12, 2016


A Laboratory for Democracy

Ozgur Gungor | August 4, 2016

Call for Fellows

New Deadline to Apply for the 'Opening the Edge' Fellowships: August 8, 2016

Rosamond Fletcher | August 1, 2016

The Design Trust for Public Space, in partnership with New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), will award four fellowships in community organizing, landscape architecture, active design, and lighting design for Opening the Edge: Reimagining Green Space at Wald Houses.

Opening the Edge will create a prototype design for a lively public space at the edge of Wald Houses in the Lower East Side. The design will offer an engaging place for residents and strengthen connections with the broader community.


Do You #lovenewNYCtaxi?

Ozgur Gungor | July 19, 2016

Project Update

What Would Jane Jacobs Do?

July 15, 2016


Save the Date: 2016 Art+Design Benefit Auction on November 1

Susan Chin | July 6, 2016