Beyond the Wall: Building Public Sanctuary

Jourdan Sayers | April 5, 2017

With his history in building privately owned public spaces (POPS) in order to drive his towers higher, Donald Trump has been a controversial figure in conversations about public space long before his inauguration or even his candidacy. The role of Trump Tower POPS—with or without benches, merchandise, or unpermitted closures—pales in comparison to the role another infamous structure of his plays in how public-space practitioners must approach our work moving forward.

Call for Fellows

Apply for 2017-2018 Equitable Public Space Fellowship

Joseph Huennekens | March 15, 2017

We are now accepting submissions for the 2017-2018 Design Trust Equitable Public Space Fellowship Program. We will select two Fellows to join the Design Trust team as a staff member for an intensive one-year fellowship to begin in June 2017 and end in July 2018. The Fellows will become a part of the Design Trust community, and will work closely with project fellows, partners and collaborators.

Project Update

The Places between Coming and Going: Photographing Staten Island

Gareth Smit | February 14, 2017

Project Update

Looking to Detroit

Lisa Dahl | January 27, 2017

Project Update

Maritime Memories of Staten Island

Bob Wright | January 19, 2017

Project Update

Updates from Behind the Fence

Ben Margolis | January 13, 2017


Letter to Mayor de Blasio to Improve Public Spaces for Civic Engagement

Susan Chin | January 11, 2017

Project Update

Staten Islanders Brainstorm To Enhance the Waterfront

Joseph Huennekens | January 5, 2017


We're Fired Up to Do Much More!

Susan Chin | November 11, 2016


Join Cindy Allen & Susan Chin @ the 2016 Benefit

Susan Chin | October 28, 2016


Win an Artistic Tour of the Gowanus Canal

Susan Chin | October 27, 2016


Win Special Edition Photographs

Susan Chin | October 26, 2016


Win Special Design Pieces

Susan Chin | October 17, 2016


Bid Early for a Private Studio Tour with Michele Oka Doner (and more Art + Design Pieces & Experiences)

Susan Chin | October 12, 2016


Win a Private Tour of Pioneer Works with Dustin Yellin

Susan Chin | October 10, 2016


Win a Pamela Talese Painting of a Long-Gone LIC

Susan Chin | October 9, 2016


Reenvisioning Spaces Below Elevated Subway Lines, Highways, and Bridges

Ozgur Gungor | September 16, 2016


The True Value of NYC's Garment District

Ozgur Gungor | September 7, 2016

Program Update

Lessons of Waterfront Resiliency

Maggie Berke | August 12, 2016


A Laboratory for Democracy

Ozgur Gungor | August 4, 2016