Paul and Ulla Warchol

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Warchol Photography

20 years, 20 champions. Each instrumental in Design Trust's lasting impact on NYC's public realm. Each another journey.

Hear each champion's story, one every day here on our blog, culminating with a grand celebration on October 14, at Christie's. While enjoying a festive evening of music by AndrewAndrew, cocktails by Templeton Rye, custom photo shoots, hors d'oeuvres and a silent auction of art and design objects, you'll also meet the 20/20 Public Space Champions in person.

Join us to celebrate our champions, who have tirelessly been working to improve the daily lives of New Yorkers for two decades. Jumpstart the next 20 years of urban innovation by buying a ticket to the gala today.


Founded in 2001, Design Trust's Photo Urbanism program offers fellowships to local photographers to create a new body of work illuminating the public spaces of NYC.

Paul and Ulla Warchol's steering involvement in initiating the program was instrumental in transforming the public perception of shared space.

Public space is vital because…?

Paul & Ulla: Public Space is vital because not everything should have TRUMP plastered over it in gold! 

In other words, not every place we can be in, and experience, should be up for colonization. Public spaces allow for play, accidental discoveries, and a chance to just be.

Tell us about your current projects

Ulla: I have a design and fabrication studio with a focus on creating limited book editions for artists and galleries. I continue to design and build small structures for clients and ourselves in Buck’s County, Pennsylvania, and upstate New York.

Paul: I continue to have daily and weekly assignments from many of the world’s most noteworthy architects. As one who has perspective fore and aft of this speedy digital age we are hurtling through, I find it gratifying that what my colleagues and I do is still deemed relevant.

Our most important focus together has been to relocate my archive of 37 years of architectural photography while I continue to add to it. This year included a strategic move to a climate controlled facility in Buck’s County, PA where the film and digital archives are tended.


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Public Space is vital because not everything should have TRUMP plastered over it in gold!

Paul & Ulla Warchol