Jourdan Sayers joined the Design Trust in June 2016 as our inaugural Equitable Public Space Fellow – after two years in grant-writing and book-editing at New Village Press, the publishing division of Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility. He is a recent graduate of Columbia University, where he earned a B.A. in Urban Studies, specializing in Anthropology with a strong focus in Architecture. He is also an alumnus of the Columbia Center for Oral History Research’s Narrating Population Health: Oral History, Disparity, and Social Change, and has participated in urban systems research, ethnographic filmmaking, and inclusive and affirming community building.

Jourdan takes special interest in studying unintended and non-explicit relationships between rigidly designed systems and dynamic human uses. He has been exploring the ways that groups and individuals subvert authoritative intentions, and infuse seemingly immutable structures with new meaning. He seeks to prioritize the participation of those most thoroughly dependent on the publicness of public space and, above all, believes in the power of a good question.

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Recent Awards

  • Columbia University King’s Crown Award for Leadership Excellence
  • Community Engagement Award, Columbia University
  • Robert Harron Award, Columbia University